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Pricing Policy

Z University's Intern ToolkitT is a proprietary system designed to help businesses get the greatest return on investment from an internship program. It provides a self-contained, repeatable process for purchasers to benefit exponentially based on the organization's size and scope of its ongoing internship program. As such, Intern Toolkit is sold using a standard licensing structure based on the purchasing organization's number of employees.

Exceptions to this pricing policy may be made for organizations with more than 250 employees if the purchaser is licensing Intern Toolkit for less than the entire company, such as for one division. In such cases, the purchaser may contact ZU Customer Service to discuss the scope of the purchase.

Z University reserves to right to adjust its charge to any organization that purchases Intern Toolkit for a lesser amount based on false information that organization provides in the purchasing process about its true number of employees. NOTE: Organizations with more employees will receive a corresponding number of Intern Toolkits to make it more accessible throughout the organization.