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About ZU

Z (ZU) is wholly focused on making internship programs a powerful remedy to close the gap between classroom learning and workplace competency to prepare emerging professionals for career success.

We are achieving this goal by developing solutions that remove the barriers to creating more and better internship opportunities for all involved. ZU's core strategy is to educate and enable employers to utilize interns to increase productivity and profit. Improving the quality and value of internship programs will enrich college students with vital hands-on experience and make them more capable employees when they enter the workforce and beyond.    

The principle solution that ZU developed to address this need is Intern Toolkit, which provides a complete step-by-step resource for businesses and organizations to make internship programs a highly valuable experience for all concerned. Some of ZU's other initiatives include efforts to: 

  • Provide internship program training and consulting services
  • Create proprietary internship program diagnostic tools
  • Formalize a mentoring curriculum for students and professionals alike  
  • Develop specialized training programs for entry-level workers
  • Establish a non-profit institute to conduct market research, carry out education campaigns, award scholarships to non-paid interns, and subsidize ZU products and services to charitable organizations.

Z is determined to champion the value of internships to improve workforce readiness by stirring debate, fostering collaboration, and leading through action and innovation. 

The latest example is a Position Brief written by ZU's president and founder, Matthew Zinman, to advocate for higher education institutions to make internships mandatory as well as to call on employers that have a social obligation and inherent motive to prepare tomorrow's workforce today. He also contends that infusing the economy with student talent and productivity would create a ripple-effect that would benefit employers, non-profit organizations, and individual professionals alike.

Z has many more resources below, throughout this site, and on the way.

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