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Intern Toolkit is a complete resource to manage internship programs as easily and as well as possible.

Nearly 60 components provide everything needed to recruit, manage, train and hire today's top college talent. 

  • Proven system to make interns highly productive 
  • Step-by-step best practices and functional tools  
  • Numerous ideas for "real work" interns can do 
  • Self-guides to help interns accomplish tasks 
  • Worksheets, assessments, legal forms, etc.
  • Exclusive practical skills training program
  • Everything on a CD-ROM to adapt as needed

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Many of Intern Toolkit's resources are also useful with employees and volunteers.

"Intern Toolkit is the best thing that's ever happened to businesses that hire interns."

Daniel Kehrer

"The Toolkit has become a 'must have' for us to fully utilize our student interns."

John Deveney, President
Deveney Communication, Inc.

"Businesses will find Intern Toolkit very helpful. It does all the work for them."

Jennifer Jones
Career Services Dept., NJCU